Xtreme BAMBOO – Plant Based, Non-Toxic Wood Sealer


PROFESSIONAL LEVEL PROTECTION: Extreme Protection For Your Bamboo Deck, Dock Or Fence Without Toxic Chemicals. Extreme Bamboo Is A Plant Based & Non-Toxic Wood Sealer That Keeps Wood Looking New And Protected For 15+ Years
EXTENDS THE LIFE OF YOUR DECK: Protects Bamboo And Exotic Wood Types From Water And UV Damage. SIG Extreme Bamboo Will Extend The Life Of Your Fence, Deck Or Shingles
NO MORE DAMAGE: Protects ALL Wood Types From End Grain Checking, UV Damage, Cupping, Cracking And Other Naturally Caused Damage
DEEP PENETRATING: Protection To The Core Is More Than A Tag Line. Extreme Bamboo Continues To Penetrate Into The Core Of The Board For Over A Month After Application. CONTAINS No Mineral Oils, Mineral Spirits, Pine Or Linseed Oils. Covers 400-600 Square Feet Per Gallon
WORKS ON ALL WOOD TYPES: Developed For Bamboo Works Equally Well ON ALL WOOD TYPES: Ideal For Use On All Exotic And Traditional Wood Types Such As Bamboo, Ipe, Brazilian, Oak, Yellow Pine And Others. Ideal For Use To Protect Green Wood From Checking And Cracking. Use On All Wooden Decks, Docks, Fencing, Patio Furniture, Shingles, Logs, Tree Carvings And More

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