Wooden Baluster Spindles 11-1/2″, Pack of 12 Oak Spindles for Crafts


FURNITURE-MAKING, AHOY! — You’re all ready to craft a masterpiece, whether that’s a crib, bassinet, rocking chair, or banisters for stairs. Or you’re making a table lamp or planter. Whatever it is, you need Small wooden spindles. These solid oak spindles are just what you’re looking for.
THE PERFECT SIZE – If you need one thing to fit EXACTLY, it’s your wooden spindles. These spindles have a diameter of 3/4″, tenon length of 1″, and tenon diameter of 3/8″. No more shaky spindles or trying to squeeeeeze your spindle into a too-Small hole. Woodworkers of the world, rejoice!
SPINDLES, NOT SPINDLY — These might be spindles, but there’s nothing spindly about them. Made of solid oak wood, they’re strong and built to last. And they’re sanded-down already for a smooth surface that’s easy to paint or stain. Now that’s a spindle you can (wood)work with!
PLANET-CONSCIOUS PURCHASE – Woodpeckers is a proud supporter of the Arbor Day Foundation. Wood is our blank canvas, and helping plant more trees is our way of giving back.
WOOD PARTS FOR CRAFTERS, BY CRAFTERS – At Woodpeckers, crafting and building with wood is our thing. Bringing you more delightful wooden craft supplies is our fun. And seeing pics of your creative creations – that’s our after-we-finish-today’s-work TREAT! Questions about your wooden spindles? Please do get in touch.

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