Square Dowel Rods 1/4-inch x 36 Pack of 10 Wooden Craft Sticks for Crafts and Woodworking by Woodpeckers


BEAUTIFULLY UNFINISHED -if you’re a crafter or woodworker, this thin-but-sturdy dowel is for you! With a beautiful and clean wood grain, you can leave this 1/4″ x 12″ square wooden rod unfinished for a natural look—or easily give it some paint or stain to match it to your project.
HARDWOOD DOWELS WITH NO PREP – Nothing like getting right to it with smooth dowels that don’t need sanding! Woodpeckers’ square wooden dowels are made of hardwood birch and are pre-sanded to save you time. Double points for a straight wooden dowel rod! Oh, the joys of a clean dowel with no chips, cracks, or discoloration…
THE SQUARE ROD THAT MAKES ALL WOOD CRAFTS POSSIBLE – With a convenient 12″ length, this square dowel rod is perfect for creating miniatures, DIY wedding centerpieces, scale models, and a rim for a shadow box, tray or minimalist picture frame. Oh, and home décor improvement and educational classroom projects use with our wooden cubes too!
CHOOSE ECO-CONSCIOUS WOOD – At Woodpeckers, we make sure your wooden sticks for crafts are sustainably sourced. We’re proud supporters of the Arbor Day Foundation – planting trees for the future of our planet. The 1/4″ thickness is a perfect match to our 6mm plywood sheets, and can be used to finish of the edges.
FIND EXACTLY THE SIZE YOU NEED— When you’re sweating away over that spectacular project, choosing the right size wooden dowel rods makes all the difference. Visit the Woodpeckers storefront for a selection of wood dowels in every diameter or length a woodworker can possibly want— round or square.

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