Professional Carpenter Square Layout Tools Framing


✔️ Designed for woodworking, our new squares deliver the precision woodworkers demand and offer features not found on other squares. For years and generations to come, these will be tools you can trust every time you reach for them.
✔️ Unmatched Precision and Finest Quality Materials. The Woodraphic Precision Square 300mm start the manufacturing process as a solid piece of very expensive, extremely stable, cast aluminum tool plate. Each blade is precisely milled in state-of-the-art MCT equipment with aluminum, then sanding, anodizing finishes, and laser-engraved blades with scale marks.
✔️ Once we have a perfect square we add two pieces of precision-machined aluminum to form the cheeks of the handle. These cheeks are fitted to the handle with two stainless steel dowel pins that ensure bulletproof rigidity and perfect alignment when pressed into their precision-machined holes. This kind of strength and accuracy simply cannot be matched by squares made using separate blade and handle parts or punched-out on a stamping press.
✔️ The inside edge of the of the square’s handle features a shoulder to allow it to lay flat on the work so you can accurately mark either edge of the blade.
✔️ The thick base even makes it easy to stand the blade upright to check square on your table saw blade, jointer fence, band saw blade and other machinery setup operations. With the square standing upright, checking casework parts for square is an effortless, hands-free operation.

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