12″ Widen Contour Gauge Profile Tool With 2 Locks


【UPGRADED MATERIAL】 The profiler is made of high-quality ABS material and aluminum. The sturdy aluminum lock and aluminum core make your use more smooth and the product life can be effectively extended.
【DOUBLE LOCK DESIGN】 Different from conventional contours, our contours adopt a double lock design, which makes it more convenient for you to use whether you are accustomed to using your left hand or your right hand.
【BEAUTIFUL APPEARANCE】 The appearance of the profiler has been carefully designed, with beautiful and fluent external lines, and the appearance and feel are very top-notch. Therefore, whether it is used by yourself or as a birthday gift, it is a unique choice.
【EXTENDED VERSION SIZE】 12 Inch Contour Gauge 50% wider and 20% longer than the regular contour gauge duplicator tool, designed for winding pipes, circular frames, ducts, and many objects, Ideal for fitting tiles, laminate, carpet, checking dimensions, molding, etc. A useful tool for operations on car bodies, carpentry, and for all kinds of modeling.
【DETAIL DESIGN】 A lanyard is attached to the aluminum lock for easy storage. The recessed design of the scale can effectively prevent wear during use, and it also contains two measurement units of inches and centimeters, which is convenient for people in different regions to use.

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